We all love colour - it can be so eye-catching, even uplifting. Here are various images of colour.

Tony Harding
LENSBALL and refraction

Not long ago I collaborated with a lensball provider, Refractique.  One of my photographs taken with the lens ball is focused on their website. This website - - gives a great overview on refraction in photography; and there is an extract defining refraction below. Their website is highly recommended. Other images are on Refractique's Facebook site.

Lensballs are not expensive but are a great accessory for your photography allowing experimentation and application of refraction techniques to generate interesting 3D effects.

You may also follow Refractique on Instagram at

Tony Harding

Heatscapes make for an interesting topic for photography given parts of Australia can be so dry and much of the country (including Melbourne down south) has been experiencing extended periods without rain. Some experimental work-in-progress images, only partly-processed are presented here.

Tony Harding

The Mordialloc Festival is held every March. It was another great festival this year (2018), but being a bit crowded, I walked to the beach as the light seemed interesting.  Indeed, the sunset was quite spectacular.

White Night

White Night is a very popular destination for crowds of people in February in Melbourne. It attracts droves of people with coloured lighting and artistic indulgences on display.

Tony Harding

Mordialloc - Boats and different vantage points on Flinders Island in Tasmania.

Tony Harding
Minimalism Genre

Minimalism is one of my favourite photographic genres. It is characterised by simplicity and lack of clutter amongst other things. It is considered to be a very subjective concept, leaving meaning up to the viewer's interpretation of the photography.

The first photograph, Red Door below, was the cover page of the December 2017 Free Expressions publication on Contemporary Photography of the Australian Photographic Society. The other photos are entitled Flying Alone, Green Chair and Solitary respectively.

Summer in Melbourne

Although Melbourne tends to get hot, balmy weather we also tend to get storms and on the less severe side, lovely sunsets this time of the year. A few shown here were taken during late December, around Christmas. Happy 2018 to everyone!

Tony Harding Comment

What is PAX? PAX is a huge show, recently in Melbourne at the "Shed" in the CBD where people come dressed as - well, as many different things. Some examples are here to give you a flavour. Thank you Mario Mirabile for the suggestion.

Tony Harding
Dandenong Show

It is fun to support your local show. There were many interesting photos in the Arts and Craft section. I was lucky enough to win Best Photo in Show.

Tony Harding
Travel Memorabilia

Boat at unnamed destination and other travel memorabilia

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Splash of Colour - Again!

Have you been to Holi festival celebrations?

Tony Harding

This was the latest theme for our camera club and it encouraged experimentation!

Titles of above images respectively - Heartbroken, Danger Point, Aorta, Daintree, Loosely Coupled, Reef.

Tony Harding
North Queensland

Trip to Port Douglas, Palm Cove, Barrier Reef & Daintree Region. This is a great tropical rainforest area - world heritage, as is the Great Barrier Reef.

Tony Harding
Australian Photographic Society (APS) Four Nations competition

Each year APS selects a number of images to compete with New Zealand, South Africa and Canada. This is called the Four Nations competition 2017. This image will be representing Australia through APS in the 'Our Country" category in the 'Four Nations' competition 2017.

Tony Harding

Australian Photography Magazine has a monthly Best Shot competition. This month, July had a theme of Looking Down. My photograph "From Way Up" received a Highly Commended.

Tony Harding
Some travel spots

New Zealand, Flinders Island and Switzerland - landscapes are always a favourite


Moving away just for a moment from landscape and portraiture, 'Shadows' was a recent competition theme at the Camera Club

Tony Harding