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Order Form  (when paying through bank transfer) 


1. Pre-select photos you wish to order and note down the file names.

2. Calculate the price including discounts where they apply to you (below).

3. Complete Order Form - Click "Open Form" below.

4. Pay for photos by direct debit to Bank Account. DramaQueen Photography will reconcile your order with payment.

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... calculate the price including discounts

Then click "Open Form" to specify the Graduation photographs you wish to order


DISCOUNT CODES may apply. You can apply Discount Code "PAIDINFOYER" and receive a $20 credit if you already paid for the photo shoot in the Guild Graduation foyer.

Apply Discount code "GUILD2017" to receive 15% discount if your order is more than $30.

Note these Discounts cannot occur simultaneously. So we recommend you apply the "PAIDINFOYER" discount if applicable to an order for either one foyer print photo or two digital. If you wish to purchase additional photos (over $30) then apply the "GUILD2017" discount in a separate order. 


*Click here to contact DramaQueenphotography to discuss further discounts for large orders.